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Machines with flexible shafts were a part of the very beginning of BIAX’s business when the brand was founded in 1919. This is also the reason why the “MBs” (the machines used to be called “Multi Biax”) still hold a special place in our hearts.

We offer three motors of different power classes, along with matching shafts and numerous handpieces (straight, angled, filers, belt-sanders). We also have special solutions such as super-flexible shafts or shafts with rigid extensions in our range. Our innovative slip-clutch will protect your shafts against overloads and thus extend their standing time.

Our flexible shafts are manufactured in our plant in Hilsbach, Germany. This is where the specialists of “BIAX flexible Power” have been manufacturing high-quality flexible shafts for a multitude of industries there for many years. That is why we can offer special solutions for you at any time.
If you still have an old “Multi Biax” and are looking for a suitable shaft, just get in touch with us.

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