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In this area, you can find all original accessories for the different BIAX pneumatic and electric power tools. These are ideally coordinated for our machines and impress our customers with their extremely high quality and durability.

Our pneumatic tool accessories include, for example, our BIAX special oil. With this air lubricator, you can be sure that your BIAX air grinder will receive optimal lubrication and reach its maximum lifecycle. Of course we also have the corresponding maintenance units in our program.

You can easily replace a worn collet chuck with a new one. For our machines with collet chucks, we will provide you with a replacement, and not just in standard sizes. We have different clamping diameters, all with the highest concentricity for an optimal result.

The head diameter and length of our countersinks are optimally coordinated to our BIAX drilling deburrers. You can also find the special sinks with hexagonal receivers here. This unusual shaft form was developed to save as much space as possible for areas that were difficult to access.

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