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The BIAX electric scraper is an almost legendary product that we have been manufacturing for over 50 years. It is almost indispensable when scraping guide tracks for larger machine tools, either for new constructions or retrofitting. In comparison to manual scraping, the BIAX electric scraper increases productivity by approx. 70 %.

Machines of different weight classes are available for scraping. Whether you need it for pre-scraping or finishing, we have the right machine for you.
In addition, we also have a half-moon scraper for pattern scraping or oil pocket scraping, as well as a pneumatic scraper in our range.
Numerous accessories, such us scraping blades and scraping plates made of hard metal, spotting paint, books and an instructional DVD complete our product range.

Our regular scraper training events, where you can learn the art of scraping from experienced professionals, are surely unique in Europe.

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